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New South Dakota CCC Musuem

This recently vacated Forest Service building near Hill City, SD will be the home of a new CCC museum, plus the Hill City Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center, a Pennington County sheriff's office, and the Art Center which will house: the Hill City Arts Council, the office of the Black Hills Playhouse director, South Dakota Artisans Connections, and the Art of the Hills Magazine.
The plan is to have the statue and the museum in place by the spring of 2009, the year of 76th anniversary of the founding of the CCCs.


Anonymous said...

It appears that some of the credit should go to the City of Hill City, as the City purchased this building. EDC did not play "any" part in the purchase as well as the Chamber of Commerce. The City does not receive any income from the use of the new center.

Peggy said...

Hi Anonymous, I wish I could contact you directly but since you didn't leave that option I shall have to correct you publicly. The city does own the building, AND the city will profit nicely from the new center. The CCC Museum consists of 728 sq. ft. and has to pay $250.00 per month. The Hill City Chamber has to pay $500.00 per month. Those two I know.

In addition, I understand that an arts council, an arts magazine, and the sheriff's department are going to have space in this same building. I'm quite confident each of them will pay rent.

There are two cabins across the creek that have plans to be art incubators, and I'm sure there will also be income to the city for the use.

As you can see, the city will not come out on the short end of this deal. Not to mention the additional tax revenue collected from visitors to Hill City, who will come to see the various venues in the building.

Anonymous said...

Hello All - My name is Robert Glenn Allen. My grandfather, Robert Wilson Allen, was a doctor with the CCC in the Black Hills. I remember many stories he told about his experiences in the Hills with the Corps. He built a home in Lafferty Gulch off the Keystone-Hill City Road that is still in the family. I can't wait to visit the museum.

Bob Allen -

Len said...

My Dad, Leonard F. Baxter, was born near Artesian, SD, and talked about being in various CCC camps from 1933 off and on until he was drafted in 1942. How would I find out which CCC camps he was in and the dates he was in each camp? Thank you.