Civilian Conservation Corps, South Dakota, CCC, Black Hills, history Civilian Conservation Corps: Gabriel J. Raba

Gabriel J. Raba

Gabe Raba served wtih Company 789 at Camp Este, F-3 in 1934. He grew up on the farm near Selby and was no stranger to hard work.
As with so many of the CCC boys, Gabe has a penchant for creativity. He makes wall clocks out of dried cow pies! He gathers them after they are dry, puts a shellac finish on them, and adds the clock hardware. He has no shortage of "raw" materials on the ranch.
Gabe came up with an idea that got him onto the David Letterman Show on January 4, 1990 and he appeared on Bill Cosby's "You Bet Your Life" program May 20, 1993. His invention? A 28 day calendar...and it makes perfect sense. It is called the Month and Moon calendar. As he puts it, "On my calendar pay day would be the same day every month."

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