Civilian Conservation Corps, South Dakota, CCC, Black Hills, history Civilian Conservation Corps: Melvin Hermanson and the camp mascot

Melvin Hermanson and the camp mascot

Camp mascots came in all types and sizes though a woodchuck was somewhat unusual.

Mel served at Mystic, F-1 during part of his six years in the Cs. Because he was a mess steward and in food service, he was exempt from the standard six month hitch rule.


Glenn Hermanson said...

Hi Peggy. Thanks for all your hard work documenting the C's. Melvin is my grandfather.

Jeannine Kelley said...

I am just beginning to research my Dad's service in the CCC. He was at Mystic and was there in 1935. He died in 1962, and never talked about his experiences. I am now in possession of his CCC trunk and would be interested in anyone who knows anything of Milford Henry Fallbeck and would appreciate any comments. Jeannine Kelley