Civilian Conservation Corps, South Dakota, CCC, Black Hills, history Civilian Conservation Corps: Camp Designations

Camp Designations

Initially called the Emergency Work Act (E.C.W.), the agency was commonly called the Civilian Conservation Corps. The name was officially changed in 1937.

Martin Farrell was enrolled in Camp F-4, Pactola, within the time frame of June 1933 and October 1935.

Each camp had a designated number which signified which agency was in charge of the project. F-4 signified it was under the jurisdiction of the National Forest.

F National Forest
FS Forest Service

S State Forest
SP State Park

P Private Forest

MC Private Land (Mosquito Control)

A Agriculture (Bureau of Animal Industry)

BF Bureau of Fisheries and Wildlife, Federal Game Refuge

BS(Biological Survey)

NA National Arboretum (Bureau of Plant Industry)

TVA Tennessee Valley Authority

BR Federal Reclamation Project

DG Public Domain (Grazing)

G (Department of Grazing)

GF Oregon and California Land Grant (Grazing)

GLO (Grazing Service/Land Grant)

GNP (Grazing Service/National Park)

MP Military Park

PE Private Land Erosion

D Drought

P Private

E Erosion Control Service

SCS Soil Conservation Service

MA Municipal Area

TVA-P Tennessee Valley Authority (State Park Division)

A Army Military Reservations

C of E State Land (Corps of Engineers)

Navy Naval Military Reservation

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