Civilian Conservation Corps, South Dakota, CCC, Black Hills, history Civilian Conservation Corps: Typical CCC Enrollee

Typical CCC Enrollee

Criterion for acceptance into the CCCs varied over the years due to the government's perception of family and work needs. During the nine years the CCCs existed, from 1933-1942, There were three major changes for enrollees. In 1933-1935, single males from 18 to 25 years of age were accepted. The age range changed in 1935 when those aged 17-28 were allowed to apply. After July 1, 1935 the final age bracket became 17-25.

All boys were given board, room, clothing, medical attention and $30.00 per month. They kept five dollars--which went a long way in those days--and the rest was mandated to go to their families back home. In 1939 the family allotment was reduced to $22.00 and the boys got to use the eight dollar balance.

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